Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

It's now official!

Hey Peeps,

It's now official. I'm back.
Okay, okay not completely but I'm doing my best. :)
I closed my older blogs and I'm going to start new.

So if you ever was a friend/fan/whatever of Seven's Scraps (and Seven's Poser Toobs), please update your bookmarks and save this URL! :)

What will happen in the next time?
  • I'll inform you when new tubes are available MTA 
  • I'll inform you when new free tubes are available at MTA
  • I'll inform you about new (older) kits are available at MTA
  • You'll be able to download new (older) freebie kits
  • I'm going to show some tags I made or other gifted to me
  • A 'lil bit advertising of this and that
  • A 'lil bit chit and chat
  • A 'lil bit of this and that
Please don't forget: The © for my Tubes will stay: © Seven, http://bondaged.princess.deviantart.com
This will stay my poser home! :)

Light & Love

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